Patch 0.6.8 has arrived. Let's get into it.


Entirely Reworked Fishing

Fishing has been revamped and improved from the ground up. There are loads of new features and cool things to experience. That includes tournaments, totems, and more.

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Hello all! You've already noticed that there are no images this time around. Why?
Who knows. Let's get to the patch, shall we?


The Nether

The Nether is finally here, and boy is it cool! With a completely custom generator, this is the Nether like you've never seen it before. With Custom generations, structures, and biomes, there's so much for you to explore. The Nether will reset every week with a brand new seed, and is only accessible with /Nether. Portals don't work!
BTW, the Wither can only

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Patch 0.6.6 Catalyst


Welcome all to Patch 0.6.6!

We're just getting a few bugs out of the way and introducing some new balancing features. Oh, and don't forget. Catalyst.



Join the Catalysts! Players who have the Catalyst rank have access to loads of new perks and abilities...

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It's a great day to announce patch 0.6.5!

We've added many features, quality of life updates, balancing changes, and more. Let's get started!

Revamped and improved Auction...

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Patch 0.6
With Patch 0.6, we're enhancing player experience and adding a fe...

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