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09 Oct 2020
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25 Feb 2021

Patch 0.5
Patch 0.5 Changes


I'm Exited to announce Patch 0.5! We have skipped a few versions, as this is a particularly big update. We have removed some things, but we have most definitely added things as well. Here's the full notes:

We've entirely reworked the Factions core! This will be further explained Here.

We've also entirely reworked Custom Enchants! They might seem similar from the start, but they are very different. We've decided to start with a smaller amount of enchants for simplicity's sake. Enchants are now a whole lot simpler.

We've added custom Hopper Mechanics! You can now do a multitude of things with hoppers by upgrading them. For example, you can teleport between hoppers, transfer items through thin air, auto filter, sort, craft, and more!

We've also added Farm Rods! These crazy items will change the way you make farms. They will do a lot of what the Hoppers do, but they're obviously revolved around farming.

Other Changes:
Gamble Bar (At spawn)
Entire rework of Hydra
Addition of scoreboard


We've fixed many different bugs.

We've removed LFF placing & minigames for now, they all need work!

Chat Races have been removed.

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