Update Patch 0.6.5
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09 Oct 2020
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02 Apr 2021


It's a great day to announce patch 0.6.5!

We've added many features, quality of life updates, balancing changes, and more. Let's get started!

Revamped and improved Auctions

To begin, we're now introducing a brand new auctions system. This system includes live bidding wars, auction displays at spawn, and much more. The system is very detailed and intuitive, so there's a whole lot to get a hang of.


Added TNT power, and block durability

TNT now has the power to explode Obsidian, and Bedrock! It will explode bedrock in 4 blows, obsidian in 3, and chests in 2. We've also added bedrock to the Blocks subshop, and adjusted obsidian pricing.


Revamped Hydra Player Reporting

Players now have the ability to report for more than just cheating. Players will also be able to automatically apply evidence to reports, such as chat logs or player data. (Player hits, blocks traveled, etc.) We made sure to make it as simple and easy as possible for players to contribute on keeping Chronos a great place to be. Remember, if you see someone breaking our Rules, you can kindly blow the whistle on them with /report or by going Here.


Improved Meteorite Mechanics

We've adjusted the way these great flaming (or freezing) objects fly out of the sky, and the way they land. They now de-spawn 30 minutes after landing. Get to them quick!


Resolved Numerous issues & Bugs


Removed Economy Imbalancing Items

We have removed items such as diamond armor and weapons in ranked kits, and others from the server. This is to keep the economy well, and to give a chance for everyone to enjoy Chronos.


Removed the Sell Menu

We've decided that the sell menu was overpowered. So we removed it.


That's the patch! Feel free to give us your feedback, and most importantly, enjoy playing on Chronos!

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