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12 days ago
Patch 0.6

Patch 0.6
With Patch 0.6, we're enhancing player experience and adding a few new features as well.

To start, we're adding a new mob spawner. They're called ProGolem Spawners!
When upgraded, normal spawners just become faster. However, the ProGolem is different. Each upgrade changes the spawner drastically. The ProGolem starts out as a basic Iron Golem spawner. However, when upgraded, it now becomes a Gold ProGolem. Upgrade it again, now it's a Diamond ProGolem! This continues for 6 tiers, increasing drops, spawnrates, etc.

Just like Meteorites in real life, these are big chunks of rocks that fall out of the sky! The difference with meteorites on Chronos is that they contain loot and their exact location is announced! Good luck.

An anticipated feature, Duels has been added. We're starting with a single map Phoenix, and expanding commonly.

The GambleBar is simple. Buy a drink, and hope you win. Let's say you buy a drink for 100 Coins. When you drink it, there's a 50/50 chance that the drink will give you 200 Coins. If you don't get those 200 Coins, you've lost 100 Coins! Get Gamble Keys from the Sorcerer to grab a drink!

Bug Fixes:

Fixed numerous permission errors
Fixed Flight kicks & lagspikes
Fixed issues with Hoppers, Furnaces, and Farm Rods.
Fixed Levels calculation
Other small fixes.

16 days ago
Patch 0.5 Factions Core Intro

Here's where I'm gonna explain how the new Factions core works. It's a quite normal experience, with some twists. Firstly, let's go over the Nexus.

Your Nexus is the most important part of your base. Place your Nexus with /f Nexus. With your Nexus placed, you now have access to the Faction Bank. You also have access to the Energy panel. If your faction runs out of energy, all of your claims are removed. You can add energy with Coins. The more claims you have, the more expensive energy is! Also, if another player manages to kill your Nexus, anything in your claims are free to be tampered with by other players.

Here's the fun part. Sieges and War Pieces.

War Pieces are obtained by killing players of other factions in the Wild. When your faction collects 15 War Pieces, you can start a Siege on that faction.
During a siege, blocks can be destroyed by hand, chests can be opened, and etc. It's free game for 7 minutes. When the 7 minutes is up, the siege is over and their base is protected as normal.

There are other new things of course, but you'll just have to figure those out for yourself :) Have fun out there.

about 1 month ago
Patch 0.5

Patch 0.5
Patch 0.5 Changes


I'm Exited to announce Patch 0.5! We have skipped a few versions, as this is a particularly big update. We have removed some things, but we have most definitely added things as well. Here's the full notes:

We've entirely reworked the Factions core! This will be further explained Here.

We've also entirely reworked Custom Enchants! They might seem similar from the start, but they are very different. We've decided to start with a smaller amount of enchants for simplicity's sake. Enchants are now a whole lot simpler.

We've added custom Hopper Mechanics! You can now do a multitude of things with hoppers by upgrading them. For example, you can teleport between hoppers, transfer items through thin air, auto filter, sort, craft, and more!

We've also added Farm Rods! These crazy items will change the way you make farms. They will do a lot of what the Hoppers do, but they're obviously revolved around farming.

Other Changes:
Gamble Bar (At spawn)
Entire rework of Hydra
Addition of scoreboard


We've fixed many different bugs.

We've removed LFF placing & minigames for now, they all need work!

Chat Races have been removed.

about 1 month ago
[IMPORTANT] How to make a Player Report

If you see someone breaking the rules, here is where you can kindly blow the whistle on them to our staff members. Please follow this format when making a report:

Location (ex.Factions/Hub):

MC Username (Of offender):

Offense committed:

Proof (An image or related):

about 1 month ago
Staff Recruitment


You must have Discord and a working microphone. Interviews will be conducted over Discord ; the primary method of communication among staff members is over Discord.

You must be fluent in English and possess proper grammar and spelling skills.

You must be mature when needed and able to work well with others.

A good reputation is not necessarily required, but can be very beneficial to you; the more the players and staff know you as a helpful and friendly individual, the better the chances are that you will be vouched for.

As a helper, you will need to be able to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to the server that is flexible with your schedule. A preferred hour or two a day would be ideal.

Honesty is the only policy. Do not lie on your application, or your situation will be worse than if you were truthful. Lying gets you nowhere, guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I applied, when will I hear back?
A: If your application was successful, you will be contacted on Discord. If your application was unsuccessful, you will not get a response. We aim to read applications every 3-7 days, and choose staff randomly.

Q: Can I ask staff how my application is going?
A: Absolutely not. In fact, the staff will not know how your application is going. The only people with knowledge of your application would be a member of the administration team. Asking staff members about your application will more than likely result in it being discarded.

Q: How long are applications open for?
A: Applications are open for as long as we see fit. Applications tend to be open for a few weeks to a month at a time, at which point they will be closed until we decided to recruit more members. If you feel that you aren't ready yet, there's absolutely no rush. Feel free to apply next time!

Q: I've been added on Discord by an admin, now what?
A: They may just be adding you to discuss a matter with you. So don't assume it has to do with your application. However, if it is.. Congratulations, you've passed half of the application process. Once you've been contacted on Discord, an administrator will arrange an interview date and time where they will ask you a series of questions related to your staff application. You will want to familiarize yourself with the rules beforehand.

Q: How do I know if applications are open?
A: We will make an announcement, and you will be given ability to fill about the application. When applications are closed, you will be clearly locked out from applying.

To apply, fill out This Form in whole. (Assuming applications are open.)

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