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13 days ago
Patch 0.6.8


Patch 0.6.8 has arrived. Let's get into it.


Entirely Reworked Fishing

Fishing has been revamped and improved from the ground up. There are loads of new features and cool things to experience. That includes tournaments, totems, and more.


Welcomes System

Welcome a player into the server by saying their name to earn Welcome Points! These points can be used in the Welcomes Shop with /welcomes shop


Chat Filter

Find the chat filter annoying? Want to talk how you want with your friends? Toggle it with /chatfilter!
Other players won't be able to see any difference unless they've also toggled their filter.


/F Wild

Somehow players are dying and being teleported in the caves when using /f wild. We're introducing a quick fix to this. Use /Warp Wild to teleport to the wild.
Beware: The teleportation is not random! All players will be teleported to the same place as you!



We've decided to remove player glows as they were rarely used.


That's all for patch 0.6.8. Big things are still on the way, be on the lookout.

20 days ago
Patch 0.6.7 - Nether

Hello all! You've already noticed that there are no images this time around. Why?
Who knows. Let's get to the patch, shall we?


The Nether

The Nether is finally here, and boy is it cool! With a completely custom generator, this is the Nether like you've never seen it before. With Custom generations, structures, and biomes, there's so much for you to explore. The Nether will reset every week with a brand new seed, and is only accessible with /Nether. Portals don't work!
BTW, the Wither can only be spawned in the Nether from now on.


Economy balances, Hydra balances, lag improvements, and more.

Yes, those were all included in patch 0.6.7. Why else would I mention them?


Something Big

We're working on something huge. Something like you've never seen. Be on the lookout.


That's the patch. Keep playing Chronos!


about 1 month ago
[IMPORTANT] How to Report a Faction

Is there a Faction that breaks our rules? Perhaps they have an un-raidable base? Please let us know!
Below, I'll show you how to do so properly.

Format to report a faction:

Faction Name:

Offense Committed (ex. Un-raidable Base):

Proof (Screenshots, etc.)


Reports that don't follow this format may be discarded. Please make it easy for us to help!

about 1 month ago
Patch 0.6.6 - Catalyst

Patch 0.6.6 Catalyst


Welcome all to Patch 0.6.6!

We're just getting a few bugs out of the way and introducing some new balancing features. Oh, and don't forget. Catalyst.



Join the Catalysts! Players who have the Catalyst rank have access to loads of new perks and abilities, including personal and GLOBAL EXP Boosters, Chat Emojis, their OWN crate key, and more! Check it out on our Store.


Spawn Delay

We've added the anticipated /spawn delay. You have to wait 10 seconds before transferring to the spawn, as long as you're in the Wild. The transfer is instant everywhere else, including the Nether! (Coming soon)



We've made the BloodMoon a bit easier to deal with for new players. We've decreased the amount of mobs that spawn, however the mobs themselves stay the same.


Combat Improvements

Once a player is in a fight with another player, nobody is able to interfere in their fight until 3 seconds after it's over. This is to prevent annoying kill stealing and janitoring.



These big flying rocks now only spawn once every 4 hours, instead of 1 hour.


We issued a hotfix prior to the patch containing fixes to Shop and Teleportation perms.


That's the Patch! The Nether is coming soon, with a few surprises in it as well. Keep on the look out, and keep playing on Chronos!

about 1 month ago
Patch 0.6.5


It's a great day to announce patch 0.6.5!

We've added many features, quality of life updates, balancing changes, and more. Let's get started!

Revamped and improved Auctions

To begin, we're now introducing a brand new auctions system. This system includes live bidding wars, auction displays at spawn, and much more. The system is very detailed and intuitive, so there's a whole lot to get a hang of.


Added TNT power, and block durability

TNT now has the power to explode Obsidian, and Bedrock! It will explode bedrock in 4 blows, obsidian in 3, and chests in 2. We've also added bedrock to the Blocks subshop, and adjusted obsidian pricing.


Revamped Hydra Player Reporting

Players now have the ability to report for more than just cheating. Players will also be able to automatically apply evidence to reports, such as chat logs or player data. (Player hits, blocks traveled, etc.) We made sure to make it as simple and easy as possible for players to contribute on keeping Chronos a great place to be. Remember, if you see someone breaking our Rules, you can kindly blow the whistle on them with /report or by going Here.


Improved Meteorite Mechanics

We've adjusted the way these great flaming (or freezing) objects fly out of the sky, and the way they land. They now de-spawn 30 minutes after landing. Get to them quick!


Resolved Numerous issues & Bugs


Removed Economy Imbalancing Items

We have removed items such as diamond armor and weapons in ranked kits, and others from the server. This is to keep the economy well, and to give a chance for everyone to enjoy Chronos.


Removed the Sell Menu

We've decided that the sell menu was overpowered. So we removed it.


That's the patch! Feel free to give us your feedback, and most importantly, enjoy playing on Chronos!

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