Offense: Inappropriate Username

Punishment: Permanent Ban until changed

Description: Any username that could be considered inappropriate or vulgar by staff members.

Appeal: When the username is changed

Offense: Unfair Advantage / Bug Abuse

Punishment: Permanent Ban

Description: Use of any modification, exploit, or otherwise that provides an unfair advantage to any player.

Appeal: Discretionary

Offense: Chargeback

Punishment: Permanent Ban

Description: Disputing payments made to the server or threatening/encouraging to do so.

Appeal: No

Offense: Advertising

Punishment: Discretionary (7 days - Permanent Ban)

Description: Attempting to draw attention away from Chronos. This included but is not limited to IP adresses, server names, etc.

Appeal: Yes

Offense: Toxicity & Harassment

Punishment: Mute - Permanent Ban

Description: Any attempt to purposefully aggrivate other players, or cause any issues at all. This includes deliberately attempting to get players banned, blackmail, selling evidence, etc.

Appeal: Yes

Offense: Illegal Trade

Punishment: Permanent Ban

Description: Making any trade that involves direct personal gain, such as trading in game money for real money, gift cards, ranks on other servers, minecraft accounts, etc. with the exception of Steam items.

Appeal: Yes
At Chronos, we despise any form of cheating. Our Anti-Cheat, Hydra, is designed to annihilate those nasty cheaters we all hate.
If your game is ruined by one of these cheaters, kindly blow the whistle on them Here. (Assuming Hydra didn't catch them already.)
If you're unable to make a report on the forums, or you just don't feel like it, feel free to report them with /report in game. This is slower, however.
The in game report function will tell Hydra that said player is possibly cheating, so it can investigate further. It also notifies staff that are in game.
Below are the official rules to do with unfair advantages. These can be changed at any time without warning.

Offense: General/Blatant Cheating

Punishment: Permanent IP Ban

Description: Using any client modifications or otherwise that give you an unfair advantage.

Appeal: Discretionary (Up to the staff member who banned you.)
Offense: Closet Cheating
Punishment: Permanent IP Ban, added to our list of eternal losers.
Description: Using modifications made to provide an advantage to players going completely unnoticed.
Appeal: No (We have zero tolerance for these players. Exceptions will almost never occur.)
Offense: Inappropriate Faction Name

Punishment: Faction Strike

Description: An intentionally inappropriate name, the likes of which wouldn't be allowed in the main server chat, in usernames, or on skins.

Appeal: First time offender only.


Offense: Evading Grace Period

Punishment: 7 day ban for each player who evaded.

Description: At no time during a Grace Period can you 'raid' a base, evading the server's built-in measures to prevent raiding.

Appeal: Can appeal


Offense: Alt Factions

Punishment: Faction Strike, Alt disbanded

Description: Using another faction to protect your main faction and its value/contents from raids

Appeal: Can appeal


Offense: Cannon Speed

Punishment: Raid voided, base rolled back, Faction Strike

Description: Cannon Speeds are 4 seconds minimum.

Appeal: Can appeal


Offense: Regen Walls

Punishment: 24 Hour notice to remove. If you have not removed additional regens, they will be removed by an administrator and a strike will be issued.

Description: There is a maximum of 4 regens on each side of your base. A regen wall is a wall which will automatically repair itself when damaged with TNT.

Appeal: Can appeal


Offense: Unraidable Defenses & Walls

Punishment: Faction Strike, Unraidable blocks removed without refund

Description: Any block placed which causes sand, gravel or other raiding blocks to malfunction. Examples of these are (but not limited to): enchantment tables, iron bars, cobblestone fences and enderchests

Appeal: First time offender only.


Offense: Rude/Explicit Art

Punishment: 2 Day Ban & Art Removed

Description: Any pixel art or other art drawn/represented in an explicit or crude manner

Appeal: First time offender only.


Offense: Automated Raid Checkers

Punishment: Raid Checking account banned for 7 days

Description: An automatic bot which checks to see if you are being raided

Note: Manual checking of a base (where a human is involved in the loop at any point) is allowed.

Appeal: Can appeal


Offense: Using Lava to Protect Spawners

Punishment: Lava Removal, Possible Spawner Removal or Faction Strike

Description: Using lava to protect any type of spawner. This only applies if the lava is directly protecting the IGs and does not count towards any type of wall defense.

Appeal: Cannot appeal

Below are the list of approved and disapproved mods. If a mod is not on this list, then it is considered as a "Unauthorized Mod".
This means that said modification isn't approved, and the player may be punished for using said modification. Therefore we recommend to only use Vanilla MC.

Mods that have been approved for use by Administrators:

- OptiFine (increases your FPS + more)

- Any of Bspkrs Mods, such as ArmorStatusHUD, DirectionHUD & Status Effect.

- Any purely cosmetic mods

- Better Sprinting (Except ToggleSneak)


- 5zig (Turn off reconnect!)

- Schematica Mod (Printer only allowed while in printer mode.)

- Badlion Client, Lunar Client, and LabyMod.


Disapproved Mods

Mods that will result in a BAN if used:

- Rei's/Zans Minimap/other Minimap mods (places a minimap in a corner of your choosing) *if using cave mode or having entities enabled on the minimap.*

- Any hacked client (Huzini, Wurst, etc.)

- Scripts/Macros (Examples are /near, /ec or /pv are not allowed.)

- Tracers/Player ESP/Chest ESP

- Inventory Tweaks

- NoFall (prevents taking fall damage)

- Any X-ray clients, mods, or resource packs

- "Derp" hacks (moves head rapidly, allows head to go inside of the body)

- Player entities on minimaps

- AutoFeed

- AutoFishing

- AutoArmor (automatically equips armor when broken or placed in inventory)

- AutoReconnect

- FastPlace

- BetterPVP

- WorldDownloader or anything similar

- AutoTool

- Macros (Mouse/Client)

- Autoclickers

- Zyin's HUD

- HoloInventory

- Spam messenger

- Auto crafting mods

- Any auto-tool type mod.

- Any type of Fly Boosting modification


If you are unsure whether or not a specific mod is allowed, feel free to contact a Staff Member with the name of the mod and the general behavior and features of said mod.

Generally, any other mod that dramatically increases your advantage over other players is not allowed.

Please note that this list is subject to change at any time.